Unnamed Story: Part One

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Part one of my Taybie story.  I can’t remember when I wrote this.  I want to try and fix the formatting, but it seems like WordPress hates me, so, for now it can have its original formatting.  I’ll probably come back and fix it later.  Probably.  And maybe I’ll even leave this here,  just to confuse people.

2 am. The rain poured down, drenching the city, cleansing it of evidence, but not removing the crime. Lightning cracks off in the distance, accompanied by the rolling boom of thunder. A window shatters, and a man dies.
9 am. More or less. A tall man confronts a small man, in a small street outside a jewelry store.
“Put the bag down.”
“No? Are you sure that’s a wise idea?”
“I don’t see why I should listen to you, what’cha gonna do, arrest me?”
“No, I think I’ll just beat you into submission.”
“You wouldn’t do that, see” the small man said fear creeping into his voice. “That would be Mod brutality!”
“Indeed it would,” replied the tall man, cracking his knuckles as he stepped forward. “Except, “see” we’re not the Moderators.”
The small man paused, unsure of what to do, before he suddenly leaped forward, his fist flying towards the tall man. With a deft sidestep though his fist was avoided, and with an almighty crunch, the tall man’s knuckles smashed through the cartilage of the small man’s nose, knocking him down.

“Oh Snap!” Said a third man, silent until now, “I guess they call you Rocket thanks to your fists.”
“Yeah Mags, it’s something like that.” Replied Rocketman, before striding off. “Are you coming? Q called a meeting, and I’d hate to see the look on Bish’s face if we were late. Well, if I was late.”
“I don’t really have a choice,” replied JamesMag, as he jogged to catch up. “But shouldn’t we do something about this guy?”
“Nah, I’m sure he learned his lesson.”
9 am. But a few minutes earlier. The “Remember This” memorial bridge.
“Give me the details,” yelled ‘Flu, his deep voice penetrating through the carnage. “All I can see from here is smoke and chaos.”
“Approximately thirty minutes ago the perp leaped onto the bridge,” replied Trjn. A slight man, with a very precise way of speaking, Trjn had always mystified the other TAYbies, until they saw him in action, and remembered why he joined the vigilante group. “He then proceeded to open fire upon the rational commuters.”
“Rational commuters? So he just ignored all the irrational ones?”
“More or less. From what we can tell, he is currently making impossible demands, and has declared himself the “New Emperor.” Clearly he’s a troll, but he’s dangerous nonetheless.”
“Thanks Bunny, I guess our best chance is James Mac.”
“He’s already in position, awaiting our signal.” Trjn responded, “So we’d better not keep him waiting.”
A sharp crack, the witty retort of a large caliber rifle, and the troll was gone, fallen into the murky waters of Pages Past River.
“Come Effluvium Boy, we had best be off, Q has called a meeting, and he sounded on edge. We’ll leave the clean-up to the moderators.”
10am. Ish. 16 Storey’s underground, in the depths of the TAY financials building.
“I know Q called this meeting, but he is busy with other things, so I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with my blathering.”
“Oh well Aunty Strange, at least you’re a sight prettier than him.” Called a voice from the crowd. The First Lady, well used to comments like this, chose to ignore the interruption and move on. Her efficiency and the manner with which she handled in house fighting had earned her a second nick-name, one that no man was willing to call to her face.
“There was a murder last night, I know, I know, this is nothing new in this city, but this was something different. So far as we can tell, the shot was from almost a kilometre away, in the rain, with next to no visibility of the target.”
“You pulled in everyone to tell us that one person was killed?” Called Puppylicks. “People are probably being killed as we sit here doing nothing!”
“Yes, they are,” responded Strange. “but this was different. The man who died was AmbroseIV.”
A gasp went through the crowd, as all the older TAYbies looked solemly at one another. “Ambrose? Who’s that?” Asked Lucifer9783.
“You don’t know because you’re a new guy, but he used to be one of us.” Replied Strange. “He disappeared a while back, and while we knew he was gone, a few of us still hoped that we might see him again.”
The rest of the TAYbies stayed quiet, processing the shocking news.
“There’s a coupla things of note though,” called out Dr. What?, his soothing Scottish accent helping to ease the tension. “He was murdered last night, it looks as though he’s been in hiding for a long time. I’ve sketched up what I think happened, and I’m letting the crime labs look into it. And while there’s not a lot the majority of us can do, what we need right now is information. We wanted to tell you all about this together. You can go back to your patrols, or you can take the day off, it’s up to you. But Harli, Techy and Steve-O, we need your skills.”
“You’re going to send us to him, aren’t you?” Asked Steve-O, as he took a swig from a hip-flask.
“Aye, but we need info, and he’s the best. Well, the best we’ve got.” Replied the Doctor. “You know his motto.”
“From here to the eyes and the ears of the ‘Verse, that’s my motto, or it might be if I start having a motto.” Replied Tech Knight, his metallic body shimmering under the lair’s fluorescent lighting. “Oh well, to the king of the wankers.”


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