Stats are fun

January 31, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’m being lazy again, but as this is the last day of my BLOOD CHALLENGE, I think I’ll have some fun.

Today is the 27th day of my blog, in that time I have had 392 views.  That equates to around 14.5 views a day.  If you were to put 14 and a half people n an elevator designed for 8 people, it wouldn’t like it very much.  To put it in other terms, if that many people were to give me a cent each, I would have a little under fifteen cents.  That would annoy me slightly, as assuming they were Australian, they would be “worth” about 1 million dollars, assuming they’re Australian, of course.  I should stop being stupid here.

The most views I’ve had on any one day was 40, which was achieved when I posted my rant about language:, even if my Kingdoms of  Amalur( post garnered more views(4 vs. 2).  Including today, I’ve had three days where I’ve had only five views, a pitiful total.

It’s also important to note that I get significantly more views whenever I post about my blog on other sites.  Of my ~400 views, ~100 have been referred through Kotaku, ~20 via twitter, and a few via other means.  Given the increase in views on posting days is usually noticeably higher than this would indicate, this means one of two things(or it could be statistically irrelevant):  One, the WordPress system that monitors clicks here isn’t working properly, and so people will follow a link and it won’t be registered.  Or two, when I post about my blog, rather than following a link I’ll put up, people will go to the main site from memory.  I can’t really say which is more likely.  Although, given the most viewed article(bar the main page, of course) was one that I linked to(, and which appeared at the top of a page in TAY, it indicates that people are doing it from memory.

I’m running low on data to aggregate here, even though none of it is necessarily statistically relevant.  So as a final point, of the 14 comments posted 7 have been spam.  The 7 that have been real comments have all been posted by men, and given approximately half the world’s population is female I feel like I can safely assume that all spam comments are done by women.

It’s the only logical explanation.


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§ 3 Responses to Stats are fun

  • Batman says:

    Which group does BATMAN sit in?

  • kryten3 says:

    Serious note: People might navigate to your blog from their history list or from their RSS feed, neither of which would register as a referring site.

    Other notes: Also, you get way more site traffic than I do! Kudos!

    Also, loved the observation about spam, but am reluctant to repeat it to my wife. 🙂

    Stats ARE fun!
    Blog more.

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