5 Ways to make Diablo 3 Dark

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Darkness, yes, we all crave it, like Jackie Estacado on his rise to power, we cling to the darkness, hoping it will hide us from the world.  With this in mind, and with the imminent unlocking of the D3 servers, I thought now was the perfect time to share 5 tips for how you can make this game as Dark as you think it should be. « Read the rest of this entry »


Story Time!

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This was a quick little story I wrote as part of a Max Payne 3 competition hosted over on Kotaku Australia, the aim was to tell the story of a watch that appeared near the end of a trailer, and to make sure you mentioned at least two scenes from said trailer in it.  I decided to do things slightly differently from normal…

This story started how it ended, with a bang.

I was production built, steel underlay, gilded to look like gold.  A cheap adornment for those who wanted to look rich.  I’d been bought by some party-goer, part of the “night life.”  Life was cushy.  Fairly boring though.  I was cleaned occasionally, usually just when some broad would chuck her drinks.  So once or twice a week at times.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal of that life.  But it all came to an end. « Read the rest of this entry »

Rushed post 2.0

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Back, with a vengeance.

I meant to type something up, I really did.

But then I didn’t.  True story.  I wish that I’d found ten dollars to make it even more awesome, but alas, that’s life.  So instead you get yet another waste of space…  YAY!

Rushed post!

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So, my internet broke during the day, and as such I didn’t prepare anything, so today, you get a special exclusive look at an image I’m making for another Not Quite There.  The lack of colours, the thick lines, the yadda-yadda-blah, all is purposeful, and all of it is basically just traced.


I’m sure there’s a point to this, but I’ll get back to you later for whatever that is.

A Memory Burnout

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Over on Kotaku, the only website I seem to spend any time on anymore, people were talking about the idea of an HD remake of the first 3 Burnout games, and it got me thinking about the first Burnout game I owned, Paradise.  I bought it when it was new, February 2008, about a month after I’d bought my 360.  Strong reviews, and fond memories of the previous entries at a friend’s house inspired me to throw the cash down.  I was not disappointed.  A large open world, a very pretty game for the time, the cars felt good, and I loved exploring every nook and cranny.  This was the first game that I really felt like I’d finished.  I played multiplayer once or twice, but never really got into it(erggh, other people).  But single player?  I won every race, got the appropriate times on every street, did every jump, and smashed all of the whatever it was that you were supposed to smash. « Read the rest of this entry »

Minecraft, and design.

May 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

A nice quick post, but I wanted to briefly mention my pet love, Minecraft.  By which I mean a game that I kind of like, occasionally.  I like to build big things in Minecraft.  I made a full scale replica of The Pantheon, as well as doing a lot of the work for a full sized Colosseum(got the shape of the outer walls, and its interior done, then nothing else).  So yeah, I like big things.  The problem with them, is that they take a lot of effort to design, as you don’t want to spend a lot of time backtracking.

So, for my latest project, a model of the Temple of Time from OoT, I thought I’d plan it a little, and here’s my plan, scaled up to look absolutely terrible as a jpeg image.


Unfortunately, the design in the top left, an overhead image of the ground layer, was a little small, so I had to redesign the base, to fir into the rough shape of the area below it.  I also had a lot of attempts at trying to make a pixelated triforce work in the space required.

This probably isn’t very interesting, but you don’t come here for interesting stuff, you come here for fire, and burning, or something, I don’t know.

Fun Fact of the Day.

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I’m too lazy to type something proper up, as I’ve spent most of the day waiting for Game of Thrones, and failing at waiting.

Well, succeeding at waiting, failing at the whole “finding” bit.

So, let’s have a fun fact, relating to my favourite topic, MUSICALS!

In April of 1994, the Broadway adaptation of the acclaimed movie “Beauty and the Beast” opened, starring Susan Egan, a relative unknown in the Broadway Sphere.  Egan then later appeared(or really, provided a voice) in the 1997 Disney movie, Hercules, where she played Megara.

So yeah, Both Belle and Megara are basically the same person.  Thanks incestuous Disney!

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