Unnamed TAYle: Part 5a

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

5:30 am.  TAY headquarters.

Strange watched the new folk walk in.  Tall, built, bald and bearded, they cut imposing sites.  Reminiscent of her man from another life, in a strange way.  It was probably just the hair -or lack thereof- she told herself, though there was something else, the way they held themselves, the purpose in their eyes.  Something.  She puts the thoughts behind her.  She needed to watch objectively.  They’d saved Shady, apparently, and for that she owed them, but they were hard, almost militant.  And the TAYbies had never set out to be a military, despite what had happened.  If they were going to be allowed to join, they had to show a compassionate side, a love for something.  Preferably games.  A willingness to talk had been the requirement once, but they’d been burnt too hard in the past.

The question room.  Normally the interrogation chamber, but in this case, slightly more innocent.  A one way wall, far more elegant than the mirrors down in the moderator’s bay.  The combined effort of Bish and Lambo, based on information that Aidan acquired.  The two new guys were walked in, and left in silence.  F4ction and Jocon, they called themselves.  Not the strangest names, though certainly not the most normal.  The Cracks walks into the room, the closest they could find to an interrogator at this hour.  He sits himself down, shuffles some papers, and Strange gets called away.

“There’s been an explosion, east end of the city.  No reported injuries thus far.”

“Reported injuries,” Strange interrupted, “how long ago did this happen?”

“O-Oh,” stammered the poor girl, some intern, forced to face Strange’s wrath, “about 2 in the morning, from what we can tell.”

“Alright, thank you,” murmured Strange, sorry for the stress she’d caused, “I’ll get a team out there.”

6:30 am.  The burned out warehouse.

Particles drifted slowly through the air, petrol and ammonia, burning as he inhaled.  He’d been the first to walk in the door that morning, and so was the first to be sent out here.  It was a complete mess.  Charred pieces of wood, and shattered bricks were all that remained of what had once been the storehouse for all the old articles.  A server change a few years back had left it empty, on a block by itself.  At least not much else had been damaged.  He heard the sound of running footsteps from behind him, so he turned.


“Freeze.  Looks like we’ve got our own Song of Ice and Fire.”

“Looks it,” replied Freeze, ignoring the jibe, “I just don’t know how we could have gone so long without knowing about this.  This is not small.  Then again, information isn’t my area.”

“Maybe if Blaghs was still here-” Flu paused, “though I guess that doesn’t really matter.”

“Looks like they’ve found something,” said Freeze, breaking the awkward silence, “shall we?”

“Ladies first,” responded Flu, taking the lead.

The ash crunched under their feet.  Chunks of wood intermingled through the fine powder, a puff of which burst with every step.  There were six of them, standing in a circle.  Moderators.  It was hard to tell how they felt about the TAYbies.  They put up with them, though that was at Serrels’ behest.  The moderators were digging something out, something that looked almost like an arm, scorched to the point where it was almost hard to tell…



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