Minecraft, and design.

May 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

A nice quick post, but I wanted to briefly mention my pet love, Minecraft.  By which I mean a game that I kind of like, occasionally.  I like to build big things in Minecraft.  I made a full scale replica of The Pantheon, as well as doing a lot of the work for a full sized Colosseum(got the shape of the outer walls, and its interior done, then nothing else).  So yeah, I like big things.  The problem with them, is that they take a lot of effort to design, as you don’t want to spend a lot of time backtracking.

So, for my latest project, a model of the Temple of Time from OoT, I thought I’d plan it a little, and here’s my plan, scaled up to look absolutely terrible as a jpeg image.


Unfortunately, the design in the top left, an overhead image of the ground layer, was a little small, so I had to redesign the base, to fir into the rough shape of the area below it.  I also had a lot of attempts at trying to make a pixelated triforce work in the space required.

This probably isn’t very interesting, but you don’t come here for interesting stuff, you come here for fire, and burning, or something, I don’t know.



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