A Memory Burnout

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Over on Kotaku, the only website I seem to spend any time on anymore, people were talking about the idea of an HD remake of the first 3 Burnout games, and it got me thinking about the first Burnout game I owned, Paradise.  I bought it when it was new, February 2008, about a month after I’d bought my 360.  Strong reviews, and fond memories of the previous entries at a friend’s house inspired me to throw the cash down.  I was not disappointed.  A large open world, a very pretty game for the time, the cars felt good, and I loved exploring every nook and cranny.  This was the first game that I really felt like I’d finished.  I played multiplayer once or twice, but never really got into it(erggh, other people).  But single player?  I won every race, got the appropriate times on every street, did every jump, and smashed all of the whatever it was that you were supposed to smash.

People complained that the open map made it difficult to get good at races.  That the lack of a crash mode lost the best part of Burnout.  And on the latter point, they were right.  The lack of dedicated crash made me sad.  On the first point though?  No.  A game of memorisation, it may have been, but back then, while it was fresh in my mind, I was great at it.  I knew some of the best routes to get anywhere, and the map was imprinted into my mind.

But now?  I try to think of what I knew.  I remember a bridge, a fork in the road past it, maybe, with wind turbines at the top.  There was a dam.  Some watery stuff.  And I remember the specific layout of one section, that covered 3 roads.  The rest though?  It’s all a blur.  And this saddens me.  I invested so much time into this game.  I remember that I loved it, and I remember why, though I don’t remember the details.  In another few years, the why will probably be gone too.


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