Story Time!

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was a quick little story I wrote as part of a Max Payne 3 competition hosted over on Kotaku Australia, the aim was to tell the story of a watch that appeared near the end of a trailer, and to make sure you mentioned at least two scenes from said trailer in it.  I decided to do things slightly differently from normal…

This story started how it ended, with a bang.

I was production built, steel underlay, gilded to look like gold.  A cheap adornment for those who wanted to look rich.  I’d been bought by some party-goer, part of the “night life.”  Life was cushy.  Fairly boring though.  I was cleaned occasionally, usually just when some broad would chuck her drinks.  So once or twice a week at times.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal of that life.  But it all came to an end.

One night, some classy party, some low class gatecrashers.  Guns blazing, they burst in, after some broad.  My owner gets in the way, some worthless attempt at chivalry, and *bang*, I’m down here.  São Paulo, a perfect place for this guy.  Some thug for some gang or another, I don’t really pay much attention.  Life’s still not that interesting, his shoes are involved in kicking some men for money, his dick’s involved with some street whores, but his hands only seem involved in hitting his wife, so that’s all the action I got.  Flecks of skin, the grime from the street, dirt, they all caked me.  That all changed yesterday.

Some guy was causing problems, shooting his way through the town.  I think he was after that party broad, though I can’t say I’m sure.  He ran at this thug, all I can do was tick over, as the life seeped out of his body.  A gun pointed at his head, a yelled question, and his body goes limp.  Time passes.  Three hours, twenty-eight minutes, and sixteen seconds, if we’re going to be precise.  His wife is there, well, widow now, I guess.  She cries a lot, more than she did, even as he beat her, which is surprising.  The gang wants the body, but she takes me.  I don’t really know why, all she does is take me to the boss.  A tearful request, and I exchange hands yet again.

He cares more about me than the last guy, surprising, given he seems to be far richer.  Once he gets me, he pulls me apart, takes a look inside.  Normally I’d mind, but his hands are gentle, they caress my insides.  I’m cleaned, put back together.  I haven’t felt like that in a long time.  That was yesterday.  The guy’s been found.  It didn’t take long, a trail of corpses will at least lead you somewhere quickly.  The guy puts up a fight, but he’s outnumbered.  The lead in his body begins to weigh him down, until its just him, and my owner.

“Oh Max,” I hear, my owners voice filled with mock pity, “I told you this city was dangerous.”

And it ends, with a bang.



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