5 Ways to make Diablo 3 Dark

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Darkness, yes, we all crave it, like Jackie Estacado on his rise to power, we cling to the darkness, hoping it will hide us from the world.  With this in mind, and with the imminent unlocking of the D3 servers, I thought now was the perfect time to share 5 tips for how you can make this game as Dark as you think it should be.


Try Squinting.  How bright things are depends on how much light your eyes are getting in, and by closing them, less light is getting in, so everything will seem darker.  A cost efficient and simple way to make things darker, though it won’t help that deep down, in the back of your mind, you’ll know that it’s not really that dark.


Brightness Settings.  The game has a Gamma slider in game, all you need do, good friend, is turn that down as far as it will go.  No, no, further.  Yes, good.  Just like that.  Now the game is darker, and without the hassle of squinting.


3D glasses.  Everyone likes 3D stuff right?  Definitely, and sunglasses are for cool rad people, so 3D viewing glasses, that dim everything around you must be perfect!  Try wearing these in conjunction with the tip above to ensure that the game is really, really dark.  And you’ll look cool as you play.


Turn off your monitor.  You don’t think the previous options are good enough?  Well, why don’t you turn off your monitor?  Now you’ll get all the darkness you could ever want, and you can blind yourself to the inventories lack of Tetris, or whatever else you like!


Stab your eyes.  The above option has 2 problems, firstly, you’ll get light bleed from any light sources that aren’t your monitor, and if you’re running a laptop(you poor soul), then you probably can’t turn off the screen.  Solve both of these problems at once by stabbing, or maybe even gouging your eyes out!  Bonus points if you proceed to recount the ending monologue of Oedipus from said play.

So, you too should now be ready, like me, to play Diablo 3 in the way that you want to, as dark as you want it.  Have fun, and try not to get blood on your mouse!


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