Your Opinion is Wrong

June 20, 2012 § 3 Comments

I want you to do something for me, no, no, don’t worry, it’s not very complex.

I want you to stare at the picture I’ve put in just below here.

And now, I want you to think about what you noticed.

This is a picture I pilfered off the Target catalogue, and I don’t consider it offensive.  In its original context, it was for a bra fitting service, or something along those lines.  Here though, it’s just a place for boobs to sit, staring at me, making me slightly uncomfortable(all lingerie ads have the same effect, they’re just weird, man).  Now, let’s have a look at another image.

This is Taki, from Soul Calibur(And the image is rather obviously stolen from IGN).  She’s wearing more clothing than the women above, so that means that she’s less offensive, less likely to cause controversy, right?

Yeah, right.  And that’s where the problems begin.  You, dear reader, are welcome to your opinion.  I want to start properly by saying that.  You’re welcome to believe that sexism doesn’t exist in the games industry, you’re welcome to believe that through the magical powers of the sky fairies, it is in fact somehow the fault of women that this is a male dominated industry, in what is still a male dominated society.  And you know what, you’re welcome to explain, through well formed sentences, and logically consistent arguments, just how wrong anybody who writes about it is.  Just as I am perfectly justified in responding in a mature manner.

Or by paraphrasing you on twitter while mocking your inability to mock something properly.  One of the two.

We live in, what is generally, a free society.  What this should mean, is that you can’t tell someone how to feel.  You can’t tell someone that their view on an issue is objectively wrong.  But that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

If someone, and I mean anyone, is offended by a piece of work, such as the Coco Ghost Recon ad, or that Hitman Absolution trailer, or hell, this video I just found of a kitten being cute, then that piece is offensive.  You don’t have to do anything about the offended person.  But you also have no right to tell them that they’re wrong in being offended, that they have double standards for finding this offensive, and not something else, or that they’re stupid for thinking that.  Just because you disagree with someone’s opinion, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.  Or that you’re wrong, it means that it’s their opinion, and you should respect it, no matter how fucking moronic it is.


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