+6 Str, +3 Dex, +5 Sta, -4 Int

October 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Given I kind of liked my idea from last week for an RPG, I sat down and started thinking up a few ways to make it work.    The idea of a more or less traditional turn based RPG has stuck with me, it’s accessible, simple enough to understand, and as a huge benefit to me, easy enough to design and create.

From a theoretical basis, I decided that you should have a main character(which the story follows), and disposable little side minions, who you need to pay the upkeep for.  I want to keep the main team small, with everyone fielded at once, as you’ll primarily be fighting single, powerful, opponents.  The primary factor in terms of attacking order will be a speed statistic, not dissimilar to that of Pokemon, and your choice of moves will be taken at the start of each turn.  Obviously, if I simply kept it in this line, it wouldn’t be very interesting, so I though I’d bring something in that’s more or less a combination of the Paradigm system from Final Fantasy 13, and the types from Pokemon.  You’d attune yourself to different elements, which would change your spells available, spells would be mana cost free, as I’ve never been a huge fan of mana systems.  Spells would vary in terms of power(I’m currently running off an assumption of 2 spells per attunement), with some support, some straight offensive, and so on.  Spells would, for the most part, do magical damage, and scale off an intelligence statistic for damage, which is what helps to differentiate them from normal attacks.

The normal attacks would have a base amount, scaling off a strength statistic, with an additional amount of bonus damage, which is attuned physical.  Each enemy would have separate statistics for physical and magical defense, which should help you choose what types of abilities to use, and this would help prevent any sort of “god” stat, or ability.  As well as buying attunements for yourself, I imagine you’d have a chance to buy them for your followers, this, as well as equipment or similar for them is currently slightly problematic, given their disposable nature, though if things were bought cheaply for “x” turns, then I’d probably be able to get out of that trap.

While there’s still a whole lot of thought that needs to go into this, and there’s also a whole lot I’ve left ambiguous, hopefully this should give you some sense of what’s going through my mind as I think this stuff through.

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